Star Type Shower Lawn Lamp

0.44 lb
$34.99 $50.00

  • Watering Can Sprinkle Your Garden With Fairylight,Create a unique focal spot in your after-dark garden by unleashing a cascade of the teeniest lights.
  • Use 3 AA batteries for power generation, Warm white microdot LEDs are strung on delicate copper wire — the slightest breeze will bring movement, adding to the enchantment.
  • The battery pack stays dry on the interior hook, the bracket can be disassembled for assembly
  • Flat watering can, copper wire with warm white LEDs
  • Protect from freezing temperatures


Kettle size: 14×14cm/5.5×5.5in
The total length of LED light: 88.9cm/35in

Package Content:

1PC Sprinkler
1PC LED light