Scarlet Flax (Linum Grandiflorum) Seeds

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The Linum Graniflorum mix of the Scarlet Flax flower seed packets.


77 – 84 days till maturity. Scarlet Flax seeds promise exotic, radiant, and perfectly-suited Linum shrubs for many dry and temperate climates. Scarlet Flax seeds will excite your home, patio, and garden with 18 – 24” tall African Linum bursting with 2” wildflower blooms of vibrant scarlet and crimson. Scarlet Flax Linum seeds are vigorous full sun performers and are an ideal grow for kids or novice gardeners to broadcast just like wildflowers. Scarlet Flax Linum seeds grow a wonderful fresh-cut bloom perfect for rustic wildflower baskets, bouquets, and centerpieces.