Linaria (Spurred Snapdragon) Seeds

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The Spurred Snapdragon mix of the Linaria flower seed packets



63 – 70 days till maturity. Growing Spurred Snapdragon linaria seeds this season is an effortless and vibrant way to splash some familiar summer color and fragrance into your home or garden. Spurred Snapdragon seeds to grow elegant 18 – 24” tall linaria's bursting with perfuming floreted “snapdragon-like” stalks ideal for indoor planters or as an eye-catching border around any flower bed. Spurred Snapdragon linaria seeds grow bold and brilliant blooms promising butterflies and important pollinators to the garden all season long. Spurred Snapdragon linaria is easy to grow from seed and its hardy and robust stalks are an essential seasonal twist to traditional snapdragon baskets, bouquets, and centerpieces.