Dianthus (Floral Lace Lilac) Seeds

Size: Single Pack

The Floral Lace Series Lilac Lilac mix of the Dianthus flower seed packets.



105 – 112 days till maturity. Floral Lace Series dianthus seeds promise a unique, vibrant, and low-maintenance grow for season-long dazzle to any home, garden, or patio. Floral Lace Series dianthus is durable and easy to grow from seed, ideal for partially shaded planters and window boxes, or as a full sun border around the flower bed. Floral Lace Series dianthus seeds mature into neat 8 – 10” tall cascading mounds covered in gorgeous 1 – 2” ruffled blooms. Dianthus is native to a variety of gardens across the world and will deliver elegant color to your garden all the way to the frost.