Beet (Chioggia) Seeds

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The Chioggia variation of Beet seed packets


55 Days till maturity. Beta vulgaris. Annual. Open-pollinated. Pronounced “key-oh-jah” after the small Venetian villa town, non-GMO Chioggia beet seeds are a classic Italian garden heirloom grown and sold throughout the Mediterranean since the 1840’s. Unlike traditional messy red beetroots, Chioggia seeds grow a clean, crisp culinary variety often sliced up for garden salads, garnishes, and pickling. A celebrated garden annual for centuries for its stunning red and white candycane-striped roots, Chioggia is a cool weather and open-pollinated favorite, delivering one of the most unique and prized beets ever. Available in paper packets to bulk sizing. ~1,250 seeds/oz.