Seeds of Change vs Everharvest Seeds

Everharvest Seeds

Everharvest is now hand selecting our seeds from many states within the United States. This allows us to find the very best form of product within its natural environment.  We have a unique niche that allows for only the finest choice of each product that we package. We pride ourselves in knowing those who have come before us and like to present Seeds of Change according to their own words.

Seeds of Change -

Seeds of Change states that For every item you buy, we plant nutritious seeds through school growing programs across the country. With your help, we're putting more plants on plates every day.


Raising early awareness of the goodness of plants can make the biggest difference in our wellbeing. Together, we can change the way we eat.


SEEDS OF CHANGE™ believe in the power of plants, which is why we’ve pledged to not only put more plants on the table, but to put more in the ground. There is such power in the healthy nutrition of plants. Because right now, less than 30% of our diet consists of plants. We can do better, and we’re well on our way.

We love the way Seeds of Change looks at the environment, in such a way to improve it everyday.