Quick Pipe Repair Adhesive Tape

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  • Butyl sealing tape, this butyl sealing tape is made of butyl rubber by special processing, non-toxic, no contraction, anti-aging, waterproofing, high and low-temperature resistance, fire retardant, insulation, chemical resistant, and UV resistance.
  • Roof repair tape rubber sealing tape covered with aluminum foil. This sealing tape is commonly used in the roofing of buildings, surface cracks, repair of caravans, windows, boat seals, glass, and roof surfaces.
  • ★ These tapes are supplied with butyl rubber which has a well-extruded, always sticky, and pressure-sensitive sealant adhesive force. They can immediately seal against water, air, or dust and stay soft.
  • ★ This tape is widely used in the roofing of buildings, surface cracks, motorhome repairs, windows, and boats sealing, glass and roof patching.




  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry before application.
  • Peel off the released film and attach the RV roof gasket tape.
  • Repeatedly press the butyl sealant until the tape adheres completely to the surface.
  • Tools Required (not included): Cleaning tool, scissors, trimming tool, gloves.

Package includes:

 1 Roll x Quick Pipe  Repair Adhesive