Kniphofia (Flamenco) Seeds

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The Flamenco mix of the Kniphofia flower seed packets.



112 – 126 days till maturity. Flamenco kniphofia seeds promise exotic, unmistakable, and award-winning blooms native to the cool ocean regions of South Africa’s Cape Province. Flamenco seeds grow tropical 36 – 48” tall kniphofia plants bursting with dense fiery red “torch” blooms that’ll transform any flower bed into a summertime oasis. Flamenco kniphofia is an All-American Selections Flower Winner noted by judges for its “red hot poker blooms” and for being a hardy perennial “with peak performance in its second year.” Flamenco kniphofia grows a unique and exciting perennial border, yet still coveted as an exotic fresh cut to liven up any seasonal basket, bouquet, or arrangement.